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Hygiene Kit

Code 009

Hygiene Kit

Towel Different Sizes
Tooth Paste Branded
Nail Clipper Steel
Combs Regular and Lice
Tooth Brush Large & Junior Branded
Bath Soap Branded
Washing Soap Branded
Flalin Cloth 1.5 x 1 Mtr, 1x1 Mtr, 150-175g
Plastic Mug Capacity 1 litr Branded
Cotton Roll 250gm – 500gm
Dettol Liquid Branded
Vessel Plastic Lota
Detergent Soap Branded
White Cotton Cloth Malmal 10 Mtr
Soap Case Plastic Good Quality
Ladies Pad Branded
Mirror Good Quality Standard Size
Scissor 6 Inch Stainless Steel
Sani Plast 50 Piece Box
Aquatabs 67 mg Pack Branded
Powder Perkily Heat 140gm Pack
Packing Parachute bag with zip &
Carton packing

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